Is it free to play slot games on your website?

Yes. Only Free Spin is a free, play for fun only website. All our slot games are free to play. You only need to register once. No credit card or other payment methods are required.

Can I play with real money once already registered and signed into my account?

No. Only Free Spin is a pure play for fun only website. It does not accept real money bets and it has no payment methods available. Players cannot deposit nor withdraw real money.

Is your website affiliated with any online or offline casino?

No. Only Free Spin is a stand-alone, play for fun only website, that is not affiliated or associated with any land-based or online casino.

What kinds of games are available on your website?

Only Free Spin offers the latest play for fun versions of the most popular slot games from the most well-known game developers. These are full versions of their slot games, but without the real money wagering component.

Is there a limit to the amount of playtime I can spend on your website?

No. Only Free Spin allows registered players unhindered play time on our website. You will not be asked or required to do anything else, after registering for a free account, to continue playing on our website.

Are there any banners or text links published on your website that would allow me to visit a real money online slots website?

None. We do not link out to any real money gambling website, whether land-based or online. Only Free Spin is only a play for fun website.